My Fear, Your Wish​.​.​.​Both Granted

by Paper Wrist

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released October 9, 2014

all songs by paper wrist



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Paper Wrist

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Track Name: Tiny Artic
I used to think that all I needed to live was the air in my lungs
I used to think that this lie somehow owed me something
but then I stumbled in your path
I got lost in your eternal ocean tides
I was distracted by those burning lights
I was alive for once

I was a beggar living in fields of gold
I was a blind man drowning along the shore
she was here for a moment and then she was gone
Like a moment in time
she will never come back

I woke to endless fields of white
untouched sheets of crystal white snow
I´ll walk for days in your unforgiving throne
I'll black out the sun with both hands
the sun that flickered like a faulty headlight
and the wind will keep me from losing my pace
but the ice will break and I'll fall down those violent waters
cold like your tone
Track Name: Head In The Clouds
Never knew these words would ever run out
I was trying my best to not let you down
and now all of these miles have left me worn out
and now all of my plans have been pushed aside
and as I run through these woods I look at the clouds
they are moving so slow
they are changing with time
and I wish that I could tell them that they should speed up
are they really not aware that they will soon die?
and now all of my friends are saying so long
they are getting new jobs
new children, new wives
and I'm still the same kid trying hard to catch up
but nothing's changed since last year
or the year before that
my devotion for them has quickly run out
and now I'm thinking that I'm better off
without them around
it will make things easier
when I’m not around
oh I never knew regret
could feel so fucked up
am I?
Track Name: Lungs
you took your arms
and you wrapped them against my lungs
you took my heart
and devoured it like a lion

you took your claws
carved your name in my back
and you blew your last kiss,
and it burned like a fire

I am drowning in old pictures
in the past
and now I am staring down the window
seasons pass

then you took your sharp words
wrote new stories, made new crimes
and you would hold me
and in those moments
time was lost

but now the waves are crashing
I am sinking
In your floods
'cause the hands that once held me
now are waving
they wave goodbye
Track Name: Postals
These airport noises set the scene
The last time I saw you
you were still nineteen
sunflower dress, a crooked smile
and those sad eyes on your face
and now I'm thinking you'll never return to me
and the thought of you in brighter days kills me

I don’t need to see some ruins
to know that this world is a beautiful place
but I guess you needed proof
I just needed you

and now I'm thinking I'll never see you again
and I bet by now you are dancing in new ways

so "seize the day"
while I'm here stuck in the everyday
and your writing says less and less
will you still be the same when I see you again?

so send me a postal from the other side of the globe
or meet me halfway, on a plane
I don't care if it crashes
as long as you are there by my side
we'll burn together and our ashes will blend as one
until they fall in the sea and we slowly drift apart
Track Name: Carelessness
To feel, to want
the pain, now gone
it was my life
it needed time
to heal, to rage
the roads ahead
seem out of range
they mean nothing
to men who walk
a lonely path
I needed time
to learn to fly
with these bare hands
and all your weight
I was so close
not close enough.
Track Name: Catholic
maybe it's because I was born on a summer day
or it could be that I was never meant to be brave
and you never said what you wanted from me
no you never said what you wanted from me
and you never took the time to explain
no you never took the time to explain

I remember the lonely days
I still think about the fear and the daze
I try not to let it
let it affect (me)
I try not to hold it
hold it against (you)

but maybe that’s why I'm afraid
maybe that's why I'm afraid
and maybe that's why I'm a mess
and maybe that's why I'm a mess

and then they gave me a name out of pity or blame
then they taught me to pray out of their own guilt and shame
then they gave me a name out of pity or blame
then they gave me a cross out of their own guilt and shame
Track Name: Bookburners
I'm looking at the world
for the very first time
and I'm looking at it through the glow in your eyes
because the way that you look at things
I could never have thought
I could never imagine
It's far from our laws
they kept us from thinking
they kept us from harm
and they taught us of pleasure
but never of love
so I ask her to listen
she just stares at the wall
so I'm burning these concepts
as I look at the stars
and I asked her a question
she just stared at the wall
so I'll keep burning until I forget about it all
but I remember the girl that I met on that day
we just stared at each other
we stared out in space
and I remember her mind wonder in so many ways
and as I stare at the fire
I need to get away
from these people
from the liars
from the cowards
and the dead
Track Name: French Canadian Film
say you do
but I know you never will
and that's fine with me
I'm so tired of trying
to be there,
the only one in your life
that isn't bothered by what you really are
I've known for years
I'm still here
and the way you speak to me
indifference in all the things you say to me
and all those things we never did
will never be
but life goes on
life goes on
I'm still stuck
let's move on
still, it's yours to keep
like it always was
and it will always be
just stay for one last drink
I need some time to let it all in
the way you move
so that it stays with me
so just stay with me
Track Name: Slow Divide
I know that this world will soon die
I just hope that I find you before it does
and it will end in silence
not like we thought
but that won't matter now that you're mine

when the earth splits in two
I want to be on your side
and when the earth splits in two
I want to die on your arms

So let's pray that there truly is a hell
because the concept of nothing overwhelms
and I know you're desperate to find out
what awaits us once we are gone

and when the earth splits in two
I want to die on your arms
and when the earth splits in two
who's going to die by your side?